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Jed's 24hr Workout

On 4/5th November, I will be working out for 24 hours straight to celebrate 24 years of life, raising money for research into treatments and cures for MD



Over 150 people joined throughout the duration of the 24 hours

Money Raised

Over £20,000 raised, coming from JustGiving (£17,000+), Gift Aid, and offline sponsorship

Research Funded

The money raised is going towards funding a 3 year research project by Dr Zhou on molecular patch treatment


Doctors told me that I would be lucky to make it past 20 living with Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy. In September 2023 I turned 24 years old.

To mark this occasion and challenge myself, in spite of my disability, I will be taking part in a charity workout challenge to raise money for research into Muscular Dystrophy. On the 4/5th November, I will be working out for 24 hours straight to raise awareness and much needed funds to help push research into the condition.

Event location: Buzz Gym, Cannon Street, Central London, EC4R 0BR

EVERYONE IS WELCOME - whether you are coming to workout, support, or eat some of the amazing food from our sponsors (itsu, BOL, Vita Coco...) you are welcome to join. The gym will be open for the whole 24 hour event, and anyone coming in support of Team Jed will be allowed free access for the day. They have amazing showers, changing rooms, and a sauna, so bring your kit along and get involved!

I wanted to do a fitness challenge like this for 2 reasons:

  1. Exercise has been a massive part of my life - it has helped keep me fit, mobile and healthy, both physically and mentally. It is not something I have the luxury of avoiding, but luckily I have grown to absolutely love going to the gym day-in-day-out for the past 9 years (the first 14 years of life were spent absolutely despising physiotherapy!)

  2. I am very fortunate that I am still mobile enough to exercise, but this is not the case for most people living with Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, and many other muscle-wasting conditions. Out of pure appreciation for my circumstances, I wanted to use this freedom that I enjoy in the best way possible... Fighting to raise money for those who are no longer able to.

4/5th Nov






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